Yusuke Matsuo  


Partner (Attorney)

Yusuke Matsuo

Japanese / Chinese / English

Practice Areas

Mr. Matsuo specializes in general corporate advisory regarding Japanese law and Chinese law, M&A, Intellectual Property (Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Anti-Unfair Competition Law, Entertainment Law, IT Communication Law), Compliance, PL law, Labor law, Consumer law, Corporate Finance, Antitrust Law, Maritime, International Trade, E-commerce, Health Care, litigation arbitration ADR. Mr. Matsuo has stayed in Shanghai, China for six years since 2010 and has extensive knowledge and experience in Japanese law and Chinese law with the experience of cooperating with a wide range of Japanese and Chinese professionals in legal, accounting and taxing areas. Mr. Matsuo has focused on protecting Intellectual Property of Japanese companies investing in China, providing comprehensive legal services. At the same time, he also provided legal support for Japanese companies about their outbound investments in China and for Chinese companies about their investment in Japan, dispute settlement and other Japanese law related business.

Education/Professional Experience

2004.  3 Keio University School of Economics
2007.  3 Surugadai University law School
2007.11 Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
2009.  1 Registered as a lawyer (Daini Tokyo Bar Association), Joined Shimasaki Law Office
2010.10 ~ 2012.10 IP FORWARD Law Office (Shanghai Office) – in Shanghai
2012.10 ~ 2013.  7 Shanghai University of Foreign Languages
2013.  9 ~ 2014.  7 Fukutan University (located in Shanghai, China) of General Advanced Student
2014.  8 ~ 2016.12 King & Wood Mallesons Law Office (Shanghai Office) – in Shanghai
2017.  6 Established AZ MORE International Law Firm


2016.10 “How to deal with unannounced investigation by Chinese Authorities ” hosted by King & Wood Mallesons Law Office(Shanghai)
2017.11 “Tomorrow’s lawyer lecture (To become Japan and a Chinese bridge as a lawyer.)” hosted by Hogakukan Itojuku
2018.12 Appeared in the “G Men VS the Dishonest Businessman and Fraud Agent ” section on TBS TV program “Job Tune”.


2014.  9 A law column on Shanghai JAPION Newspaper (the weekly Japanese newspaper issued at Shanghai) is written biweekly in 2014-at present (from the 1st time to present, the 125th time).