Nemoto Yasuhiro  



Nemoto Yasuhiro

Japanese / English

Practice Areas

Mr. Nemoto specializes in general corporate advisory, litigation, labor and employment issue, intellectual property, real estate attorney, bankruptcy and corporate reorganization, traffic accidents, family legal issues on divorce, inheritance, etc.


2008. 3 Waseda Senior High School
2012. 3 Waseda University (LL.B.)
2014. 3 Hitotsubashi Univiersity School of Law (JD)
2014. 7 ~ 2014. 8 International Legal Internship at Watson & Band in Shanghai
2014. 11 Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
2015. 12 Registered as a lawyer (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)
2015. 12 ~ 2018. 6 Joined Nunokawa Law Office
2018. 7 Joined AZ MORE International Law Firm


2017. 4 “Caused by default of compensation obligation, Cancellation of Agreement on Division of Inheritance“ based on Judgement by Osaka Hight Court judged on March 6, 2015
2018. 2 “Tips for Lawyers regarding inheritance tax” regular workshop of Daini Tokyo Bar Association, organized in association with other speakers
Yasuhiro Nemoto