Noboru Nagata  



Noboru Nagata

Japanese / Chinese / English

Practice Areas

Mr. Nagata specializes in general corporate advisory regarding Japanese law, real estate (sales, management, brokerage, and all other real estate matters), labor, family law (divorce and other marital issues, inheritance, etc.), and criminal cases (both defense of suspects and defendants and victim assistance) and etc. Mr. Nagata has taken part in the legal consulting work for a wide range of companies including trading (import/export of pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs), dental technician, and real estate (development, sales, and management),etc.
Mr. Nagata’s mother is from Taiwan and his father ran a Sino-Japanese trading company, so he is actively engaged in providing legal support to companies and individuals in Greater China with speaking Chinese. Mr. Nagata is active and will quickly respond to your request in a friendly manner and is sure to suit your needs.

Education/Professional Experience

2008.3 Waseda University Senior High School
2012.3 Waseda University (LL.B.)
2014.3 Waseda Univiersity Law School (JD)
2014.11 Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
2015.12 Registered as a lawyer (Kanagawa Bar Association)
2015.12 ~ 2019.1 Joined Shonan LAGOON Law Offices
2019.2 AZ MORE International Law Firm
2021.4 ~ Present Member of the Committee on Victims of Crime, Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association


Practical Handbook for Supporting Crime Victims, 2nd Edition” (co-author and member of the revision committee)
Noboru Nagata